DYNAMIC TECHNOLOGIES, Ltd. is a high tech engineering firm. It was established in 1992 yr. and is based in Moscow, Russia. We offer wide range of service in branches:


-  practical sound, noise & vibration reduction in their cource and on ways of spreading;

-  sound, noise & vibration measurements on work place and in environment;

-  development of devices for sound, noise & vibration attenuation;

-  design of technologies for sound, noise & vibration level reduction;

-  development of devices and technologies of sound & vibration industrial usage and application;

-  measurement of reverberation time of halls. auditoriums, studios for its acoustics property estimation.


     DYNAMIC TECHNOLOGIES, Ltd. handled small or large projects with professionalism and commitment to client satisfaction.

     The modern acoustic measurement technique produces thousands of data during short time of test. One must have suitable approach to discover links between this data and sound/vibration field and to solve by this manner the vibroacoustic problem. Our work experience, methods of acoustic data acquisition and data investigation give us more results then only complete techniques used for acoustic measurements.


The range and some results of our activity:


  • The MEAN FOR CIRCULAR SAW NOISE REDUCTION for wood-, stone- and metal processing by circular sawing machine with 1 or more circular blades. Obtained noise reduction is 18 dBA (depends of applied woodwork technology and equipment). Carried into practics in furniture fabrics and plants in Moscow region according Russian patent for invention 2048285 .
  • Development of recommendation for noise attenuation of metallprocessing tools on State Factory Moscow Monetary Mint.
  • Designing vibro-isolation of high-precision scales in Moscow office of State company "Diamonds of SAHA, Yakutia".
  • Structure-generated noise reduction in room (1 floor up) from machinery camera with 3 air- refresh compressors of the large food store. Result of our job is 12 dBA noise reduction.
  • Designing and production of vibro-damping handless of vibro-instrument for road-repairing company. Vibration reduction is 9 dB.
  • Expertise of sound-, noise-, vibroactivity  of consumer goods for "IZVESTIA" newspaper (one of largest in Russia, 1200k copies/day); for the Consumer Right Sypport Society.
  • The noise decreasing of large ventilation installation for air/wood dust separation from their mixture in wood- processing factory. The environment noise reduction on distance 200 m is 7 dBA.
  • Practical reduction of noise and vibration of compressors, ventilation systems, refrigerators.
  • The concrete block vibro-forming technology improvement (including usage of 300 vibro-exciters) in The Building Material Plant;
  • Projecting of windows with special noise isolation requirements for the new 24-floor building.
  • Annual training course Acoustic ecology  (lectures, seminars) for post-graduated students of Ecological Division of Moscow States University (MSU).


Our work condition for sound, noise and vibration measurement/reduction/usage:

  1. All works complete according standards, norms, rules  or customer specific technical requirements;
  2. All works complete, if possible, on act equipment without breaks and pauses in work.
  3. All works complete, if possible, without change of existing customer technology.
  4. All works complete, if possible, with low costs for customer. To avoid customers extra costs well take into account only the most effective and cheep methods, technologies of noise & vibration measurement/reduction/usage to prevent increasing of time, size and price of the job.


At the end of our work customer will get (on his choice):

* Protocol of sound, noise, vibration measurement;

* The expert resume with comparison results of measurement with standards, norms or customer's specific technical condition;

* Recommendations, project description of technologies for sound, noise & vibration control/reduction/usage;

* Details, devices, equipment, technologies for sound, noise & vibration control/reduction/usage.


An acoustic testing devices and equipment

    Firms acoustic measurement devices and equipment allows to register sound pressure level 1-180 dB in frequency range 0,1 Hz-120 kHz in media with temperature up to +700 grad. ., hydro acoustic signals and vibration in frequency range 0,1 Hz-200 kHz in media with temperature from -70 grad.C to +350 grad. .






Time of work: 9:30 - 18:00, Moscow time.


Cell.phone: +7(915)1886037.

May be switched off during acoustic measurements !


Phone: (495)4275766.


E-mail: dynatecs@yandex.ru